Money Back Guarantee & Royal Service

Book your package holiday with peace of mind via If you book now, you will soon be able to enjoy your well-deserved holiday in the sun at a great price.

  1. Once a holiday is cancelled, you will receive your deposit / travel amount within 1 to 2 months. However, you can also opt for a voucher with additional voucher credit.
  2. The Travel Agency Poot will then personally contact you after your reservation to assist with any requirements that apply to your particular destination (PCR tests, travel documents, insurance for covid situations).
  3. As you are booking a package holiday, the safest way to go on holiday, your tour operator will also take care of your return (free of charge). This ensures that you can always return home safely.
  4. Based on the current travel advice, you will be informed one week in advance whether your trip can definitely take place. The travel advice of the Federal Government applies.