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Booking travel through any of over 50 tour operators is now easy via On this page you will find the complete list of tour operators offered by


At the ten clubs Aldiana's, is much to do and applies the motto vacation with friends. They are spread in six European countries and are located in the mountains or on the beach.

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Alltours is the largest independent German tour operator, focusing primarily on beach vacations in 4- and 5-star accommodations worldwide. Sportsmen and families will be happy, as will your wallet.

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Bentour Swiss

Bentour Swiss distances itself from mass tourism and arranges trips to Turkey in particular, where you can choose from numerous areas of interest, but also a trip to the Canary Islands or Northern Cyprus is possible.

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Bucher Last Minute

If you want to go on vacation at the last moment, it may be worth taking a look at the offer of Bucher Last Minute, which offers about four million options daily, to the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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Byebye is a subsidiary of Alltours with a worldwide offer of millions of package and building block tours, for example, to beaches and major cities, and occupies a significant position in the tourist market.

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One of the largest tour operators in Germany and Austria, DERTOUR, is the market leader in the field of individual building block tours and has a huge, varied selection.

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Express Travel International

Sun worshipers can turn to the wide offer of Express Travel International, which specializes in package tours to Egypt and other not too far sunny destinations, and strongly appreciates the wishes of the customer including families.

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Ferien Touristik

If you want to benefit from low prices, Ferien Touristik with destinations in Europe, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Florida and the Dominican Republic may be the right choice for you.

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Fox-Tours Reisen

Package tours such as traditional beach vacations as well as special vacations and innovative group tours to far-flung destinations, are part of the wide range offered by the customer-oriented travel company Fox Tours.

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I.D. Riva Tours

I.D. Riva Tours offers tours to Croatia, among others for bathers, nature lovers and families, and has a service network on the ground.

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ITS Reisen

ITS Reisen's global, large selection of package tours with mostly four-star hotels is especially interesting for a family or single.

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Jahn Reisen

Demanding individualists and families can seek advice from Jahn Reisen, which has opted for individuality and exclusivity, focusing specifically on the countries bordering the Mediterranean, but also offering luxurious and affordable options in the rest of the world.

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LMX Touristik

Destinations around the Mediterranean and the rest of the world are part of the offer of LMX Touristik, which works with the building block principle, which gives not only great flexibility in putting together your trips, but also reasonable prices.

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Meier's Weltreisen

If you want to make a long trip and value service, value for money and many options, such as the building block principle, then Meiers Weltreisen is certainly an option.

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Neckermann Reisen

The well-known brand Neckermann Reisen, now part of Anex Tours, has a wide range of holidays worldwide with an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Öger Tours

With Turkey specialist and Europe's largest provider of tours to this country, Öger Tours, you can also book other destinations and choose, for example, a “water hotel”, and always count on excellent service.

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Olimar Reisen

To avoid the standard offer and stay in lesser known places and special hotels in Portugal, Southern Europe or Brazil, for example, you can choose a package tour from Olimar Reisen.

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Phoenix Reisen

Phoenix Reisen specializes in river cruises, boat trips on the high seas, and also air vacations, with destinations such as Morocco and Egypt.

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Schauinsland Reisen

Although Schauinsland Reisen is not a huge organization, it has earned a position within the travel industry with great popularity for destinations from West to East, for almost a century.

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TUI Deutschland

As a national leader, TUI offers something for everyone, and promises to give you more than a smile based on quality and service, plus a Best Price Guarantee for package tours.

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Ecco Reisen

The German Ecco Reisen regulates Sunday and active vacations to countries around the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Florida, offering a wide range of accommodations and facilities.

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The on-screen travel agent TRAVELiX exists only briefly, but offers a wide range of quality dynamic packages to worldwide destinations at low daily prices.

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The online tour operator Vtours is a major player in the German-speaking sector and organizes, also for families, dynamic package tours with a rich choice of accommodations, worldwide, in about 70 countries.

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Airtours, part of TUIs, specializes in luxury travel and is the leader in the sector in German-speaking countries. High standards are set for accommodation and treatment of guests so that your trip is an unbroken necklace of luxury experiences.

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FIT Reisen

The more than 40 years existing German FIT Reisen is a leading company in the field of health and wellness travel, due to the high quality, diverse offers and personalized service.

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Anex Tour

The German tour operator Anex Tour-GmbH offers, after more than 20 years, now also package tours to the most beautiful beaches.

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Coral Travel

Coral Travel offers package vacations and ONLY hotel deals with excellent value for money in the vacation destinations of Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

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