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About Royal

Who is

Royal Holidays (The Hague, Holland) and Travel Agency Poot GmbH (Emmerich, Germany) have enjoyed working together since 2014. When you book your holiday through, it is immediately handled professionally by Travel Agency Poot.

Because Royal works together with Travel Agency Poot, dozens of reliable German tour operators can be found on This is a unique combination and can be particularly advantageous for you.

What are your travel guarantees

When you book via, you are entering into a travel contract with your chosen tour operator (e.g. TUI, FTI, DERTOUR or Alltours).

A security certificate is issued for every holiday booked with Every German tour operator is legally obliged to provide this. This means that your payments are always protected (e.g. in the event of the insolvency of a tour operator). If you book a package tour with a German tour operator, you are also covered in the best possible way in the event of an emergency. offers you a comparison of the most renowned tour operators. The Travel Agency Poot is a member of the largest travel agency cooperation in Germany, the RTK/QTA.

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About the offers on Royal Holidays

Are transfers from the airport to the hotel included?

For package holidays, all transfers are automatically included unless clearly marked.

If you book a package without transfers, Travel Agency Poot can quote you for a private or taxi transfer.

What is the official description of the different room types?

The official description of the room types is only visible in the tour descriptions that appear in the listings. The following information is not legally binding, but gives you a general idea of the room types:

  • Double room: 1 room with one double bed or two single beds. In some cases there are extra beds for 1 or 2 children.
  • Family room: a room with space for up to 4 persons, max. 2 adults. A family room has 1 or 2 bedrooms.
  • Studio: Living/bedroom with a bed for 1 or 2 persons and small kitchen.
  • Apartment: Living room, bedroom and kitchen. An apartment has 1 or 2 bedrooms.
  • Junior Suite: one room with beds, an open living room.
  • Suite: a separate living room and a bedroom. A suite has 1 or 2 bedrooms.
  • Duplex: an apartment on two levels.
  • Bungalow: consists of 1-3 rooms.

How do I book more than one room?

Multi-room bookings are currently only possible with tour operators 5 vor Flug, Alltours, Bentour Swiss, BigXtra Touristik, FTI, Olimar Reisen and Schauinsland-Reisen. The offers shown are therefore more limited than if you book each room separately.

If you want to travel with another tour operator or with a larger group, please email the link with the price for one room to: service (🐒) Travel Agency Poot will then check whether a booking with more than one room is possible. Do not forget to include your name and phone number in the email.

What is Ultra All Inclusive?

This varies from hotel to hotel. In general, various extras are included in addition to the usual all inclusive, e.g. 24-hour bar, snacks, ice cream, etc. Please refer to the tour operator descriptions for more information about Ultra All Inclusive.

Can the departure times still change after a booking?

Yes, because the departure times are always subject to change. Under European travel law, the days of departure and arrival do not count as days of travel. If you leave early or return late, this counts as extra holiday time to which you have no legal claim. If the departure is postponed from early to late, then compensation for damages is also excluded under travel law. The reasons for a change in flight times are manifold and do not fall under the responsibility of the tour operator. In such cases, Travel Agency Poot will try to do the best for you as an intermediary, but cannot exert any direct influence.

Confirmation & control of bookings on Royal Holidays

What to do if you have discovered an error in your booking?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after your booking. Check all your details carefully. If you discover an error, call +49(0)2822 92 3666 directly and send an email to: service (🐒)

When will you receive confirmation of your booking?

After booking, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. You will be called byTravel Agency Poot during opening hours. The booking will then be discussed with you and any questions will be answered. If you book on a Sunday or at night, you will be called the next day. Of course, you will receive a detailed confirmation of your booking.

Is it possible to change a passenger's name or nominate a substitute after booking?

With package tours this is possible in many cases, but there are rebooking fees which can vary depending on the organiser/airline. In the case of package tours based on daily flight prices, it is often not possible to change the name. Therefore, always check all your details carefully. Do you still find an error? Call us immediately at +49(0)2822 92 3666 and send an email to: service (🐒) We will then clarify whether the change can be made.

Payment of bookings via Royal Holidays

How can you pay for your trip?

After your booking, you will be contacted by Travel Agency Poot during opening hours to clarify the method of payment. For most trips, you pay by bank transfer to the tour operator or to Travel Agency Poot.

The deposit is due within 7 days after booking. Depending on the tour operator, this is 25 - 40%. The trip must be paid in full no later than 30 days before departure.

To which account can you make the transfer?

The account number (IBAN) of Travel Agency Poot is DE773245000000152033 (Stadtsparkasse Emmerich-Rees - BIC: WELADED1KLE).

Please note that you will not receive a confirmation of receipt. In case of late payment, dunning charges may be added.

Insure & Cancellation of travel on Royal Holidays

How do you insure your trip?

In the booking form you will be given the opportunity to take out low-cost travel and/or cancellation insurance via our insurance partner Allianz.

Is cancellation or rebooking of your booked trip possible?

Depending on the type of trip, the time of cancellation and the tour operator you booked with, costs will be charged for cancellations and rebookings. Therefore, always take out travel cancellation insurance and contact +49(0)2822 92 3666 immediately in the event of a cancellation or rebooking.

Travel documents for bookings on Royal Holidays

When and how do you receive your travel documents?

You will receive your travel documents by post or email after the full amount has been paid, approximately 10 days before the start of your trip. Currently, for package tours, e-tickets are mostly sent as an extra page with the ticket brochure. With this document you can check in at the airport with your ID/passport. If you have any questions, please contact us at +49(0)2822 92 3666 or by email at service (🐒)

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket as an alternative for the usual airline ticket. The big advantage is that an e-ticket is not printed out but stored in the airline's database and therefore cannot be lost. You can check in via the internet or at the airport. You show the e-ticket confirmation (printed or on your smartphone/tablet) and valid ID/passport at check-in and receive your boarding pass.

What does "Train to Flight" or "Rail & Fly" mean in the travel documents?

Some tour operators offer free tickets for a train ride to the airport when travelling by air. Please note that this ticket is only valid in Germany.

Do my children need an ID/passport?

If your child is travelling abroad, with or without you, he or she needs a valid passport or identity card. This applies to any destination country, regardless of the child's age.

Flight information for bookings on Royal Holidays

How much luggage can you take with you?

Luggage is almost always included in the price, but the amount allowed depends on the airline. The allowed amount (" Luggage Allowance ") is shown on your flight ticket or e-ticket. If anything is unclear to you, please contact us at +49(0)2822 92 3666 or by service (🐒)

There are 2 luggage concepts:

  • Weight concept (20 kg per person, also for children over 24 months). This method is used by Condor, EasyJet, Norwegian, Sun Express, Turkish Airlines, Tailwind and TAP Portugal (for package tours), among others. For, Ryanair and Transavia, 15 kg per person applies. Extra luggage can be booked.
  • Piece concept (23 kg per person, also for children from 24 months). This method is used by Lufthansa, KLM, Brussels Airlines, Air France, Delta Air, Air Europa, Iberia and United Airlines, among others. Please note that each passenger is only allowed ONE piece of luggage up to 23 kg.

For babies up to 24 months without their own seat, free luggage is different per airline. You can always bring a buggy or maxi cosi or car seat free of charge.

Can you take/reserve extra luggage?

If you want to take more luggage, it will cost you extra. In many cases it is cheaper to book extra luggage in advance instead of directly at the airport. Travel Agency Poot will contact you after your booking (during opening hours) and can book extra luggage for you, if desired.

Can you take a wheelchair, walker or scooter/scootmobile on the trip?

If you use a wheelchair, walker or scooter, we can register this with the airline for you. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at +49(0)2822 92 3666 or via email: service (🐒)

Can you take your sports equipment with you?

If you take your golf equipment, for example, you will be charged extra by the airline. If you have any questions, please contact us at +49(0)2822 92 3666 or via mail at: service (🐒)

Can you travel by air during pregnancy?

You can, but please state that you are pregnant when making your booking. In the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, flying is usually without any problems. Later, most airlines require a medical certificate. This must be signed by your doctor and must not be older than five days. It is not recommended to fly after 36 weeks.

Is it possible to reserve seats?

For most scheduled flights, this is possible free of charge. For charter flights (such as Condor, TUIFly or Sun Express) this is possible for a fee. If you have any questions, please contact us at +49(0)2822 92 3666 or by mail: service (🐒)

Tip: If you are travelling with a child under 23 months, seat reservations are usually free of charge. In some cases, special seats with a baby basket are available where the child can lie comfortably during the flight.

Are meals or drinks included in the flight?

Drinks and meals are available on board for a fee on charter flights with Condor, SunExpress and TuiFly.

Bookings on Royal Holidays: After the trip

Is it possible to make a complaint about accommodation?

To do this, you must contact the tour operator's travel management (e.g. TUI, Alltours, etc) immediately on site. In most cases, a solution will be found or compensation can be offered during the trip. Be sure to ask the tour guide for a written report of the complaint. Also collect evidence, such as photos and/or contact information of witnesses. After the end of the trip, you must send an official complaint directly to the tour operator within 4 weeks.

If financial compensation occurs, you will normally receive a crossed cheque.

Travel Agency Poot is the intermediary between you and the tour operator who is carrying out the trip. Travel Agency Poot attaches great importance to your satisfaction and always takes complaints seriously. If you have any complaints, please contact the office manager of Travel Agency Poot, Mr. Peters on +49-2822-923618.

What to do in case of a cancellation or delay of the flight?

This depends entirely on the specific nature of the situation. Complaints regarding flight delays or cancellations can be made directly to the airline. If you do not agree with the airline, then you can file your claim with various service providers. In all cases, contact +49(0)2822 92 3666 or email: service (🐒)

What to do in case of damaged luggage?

Check your luggage as soon as it comes off the plane and contact the airline directly at the airport. If you only notice the damage when you get home, contact the airline directly.

What to do if you have forgotten something in the hotel or on the plane?

All airlines have a "Lost & Found" department. Therefore, please contact the airline directly. If you have forgotten something in the hotel, the staff of Travel Agency Poot can help you. Please contact us at +49(0)2822 92 3666 or by email: service (🐒)

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