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Low-cost airline Transavia is the Dutch market leader in vacation flights and flies in particular to destinations in Europe and around the Mediterranean.

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The patriarch, but at the same time the innovative KLM combined with Air France, has a leading role in European aviation and has a huge choice of destinations with excellent transfer possibilities.

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TUI fly NL

TUY fly, formerly Arkefly, is a Dutch airline offering flights to destinations in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.

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The British low-budget airline EasyJet is Europe's market leader with an enormous number of routes and, unlike similar companies, also flies to and from major airports.

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The low-cost airline Ryanair from Ireland is the No. 1 in Europe. It flies to over 180 destinations in 29 European countries and Morocco.

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Norwegian, the Nordic price-squeezer, is the third of its kind in Europe by size and operates flights from, among other places, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne-Bonn, Geneva, Salzburg and Vienna within Europe, but also to North Africa, the Middle East, Thailand and the United States.

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With the Spanish low-budget airline Vueling Airlines, you can choose from a variety of fares and fly from many airports in Germany, Basel, Geneva, Zurich and Vienna, to destinations in Europe including Schiphol, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Iberia, is the Spanish national airline that operates under its own name but merged with British Airways and offers relatively cheap tickets to South American destinations, among others.

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TUI fly DE

The German airline TUI fly strives to have a personal approach to offer high quality with low prices on its flights to, among others, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, Madeira and Egypt.

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With a choice of fares and classes, you can fly from the major hub of Frankfurt and also from Munich with the German Condor air service to around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

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Lufthansa, a member of the Star Alliance and based in Cologne, flies mainly from Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt am Main and Munich, but also from various airports in Austria and Switzerland, to destinations all over the world.

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Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings is a low-cost airline that flies to distant destinations, such as the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

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The German-Turkish SunExpress flies from Frankfurt, Basel and Vienna, among other cities, mostly direct flights to tourist centers in Turkey, but also to sunny destinations such as the Red Sea, Tunisia, the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean.

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Turkish Airlines

For the fifth year in a row, Turkish Airlines was the best airline in Europe in 2015. The airline flies to destinations in Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa and the Americas, among others.

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With one of the leading low-cost airlines from Turkey, Pegasus Airlines, which invests heavily in safety and technology, you can reach 20 Turkish destinations and 32 others in a total of 24 countries.

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TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal, the national airline of Portugal and member of the Star Alliance, has won many awards due to its strong market position, in flights to Brazil, the rest of South America and Africa, among others.

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The national airline of Dubai, Emirates, flies worldwide to many destinations and has been decorated many times for its excellent service.

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Air Malta

Air Malta is the country's national airline with attractive fares, excellent value for money and which shares its extensive knowledge of Malta with the passenger.

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Nouvelair is a private Tunisian airline and transports about 1.3 million passengers per year, to 130 European airports, in more than 30 countries.

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Royal Air Maroc

The national airline of Morocco called Royal Air Maroc or RAM, flies to 15 domestic and about 75 destinations in Europe (including Frankfurt and Geneva), North and South America, Africa, and Asia.

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Air France

Air France is the French national airline, which has a holding company with KLM, and transports about 200 million people annually, to 250 destinations in 100 countries worldwide.

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Delta Air Lines

One of the largest airlines in the world, Delta Air Lines, a member of the Sky Team Alliance, has included in its program 333 destinations, in 64 countries worldwide.

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Corendon Airlines

The quality-conscious low-budget airline Corendon Airlines flies from many airports in Germany and also from Basel and Zurich in Switzerland to various locations in Turkey.

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Corendon Dutch Airlines

Dutch low-cost carrier Corendon Dutch Airlines, founded in 2011, flies from Schiphol to destinations around the Mediterranean, among others.

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The young and modern Turkish-British cooperation Tailwind Airlines flies from Istanbul to Europe, including various airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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During the short existence of Greek Aegean Airlines, it has been voted the best regional airline in Europe six times.

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Etihad Airways

The young Etihad Airways, with its home port in Abu Dhabi, has emerged at breakneck speed as the best airline in the world, offering unprecedented luxury on board.

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Egypt Air, one of the world's first airlines, offers service with a typical Egyptian panache and flies to 13 destinations in its own country and 65 airports worldwide, including Vienna, Geneva and Zurich and various airports in Germany.

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Iberia Express

The young, most punctual airline, Iberia Express, which flies to many Spanish destinations and European cities, including Düsseldorf, Berlin and Frankfurt, is rising rapidly.

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Air Europa

Air Europa is the second-largest airline in Spain, located in Mallorca, and flies to Spanish tourist islands, as well as to America.

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SWISS, the national and largest airline from Switzerland, was created after the bankruptcy of Swissair, flies annually from Zurich and Geneva about 16 million people worldwide to 106 destinations and is said to offer quite a lot of luxury in 2016.

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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways regularly receives awards and is one of the few airlines to fly to destinations on six continents.

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One of the few long-established airlines, without accident, Tunisair operates charter flights as well as scheduled services to more than 100 destinations.

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British Airways

British Airways, or BA, is among the largest airlines in Europe, flying with its partners to 600 destinations to the six inhabited continents.

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Austrian Airlines

The largest airline in Austria, Austrian Airlines, specializes in fast (connecting) flights to Central and Eastern Europe.

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Air Cairo

The young airline Air Cairo is a subsidiary of Egyptair and flies mainly charter and low-cost flights from Cairo to various destinations in the Middle East and Europe.

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Ethiopian Airlines

The national carrier Ethiopian Airlines is enormously profitable, very fast-growing and aims to become the most competitive and leading in Africa.

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American Airlines

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world and a member of the Oneworld alliance, with nearly 1,000 aircraft flying between four continents.

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European Air Charter

For fans of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series, European Air Charter (Bulgarian Air Charter) offers many options while you enjoy the quality of traditional Bulgarian hospitality.

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TUI fly BE

Belgium's second-largest airline, the budget TUI fly (previously Jetairfly) has a modern and young fleet and flies mainly to sun destinations.

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Croatia Airlines

The state-owned Croatia Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance and has set itself the task to strengthen Croatian tourism and to be successful because of safety and service.

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Binter Canarias

Binter Canarias is a private Spanish airline that operates flights between the Canary Islands and from there to neighboring countries.

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Brussels Airlines

The Belgian national airline Brussels Airlines strives to be a personal airline that brings people together and makes traveling fun.

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Freebird Airlines

The young Freebird Airlines is a Turkish charter airline with 8-aircraft that has connections between Europe, the Middle East and Turkish vacation destinations.

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Aer Lingus

After Ryanair, the national Aer Lingus is the largest low-budget airline of Ireland that flies you around the world, supports UNICEF and for which, the different types of services, you pay extra.

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Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Aeroflot Russian Airlines is the largest airline in the country, bringing people from more than 130 destinations in 50 countries with its young fleet, paying great attention to safety, reliability, quality and the environment.

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Air Canada

The four-star Air Canada is the largest international airline in the country and a founding member of the Star Alliance, for which safety is everything, striving for perfection and acting with integrity to make the customer feel very valued.

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Bulgaria Air

Bulgaria Air was founded at the beginning of the 21st century and honors traditions, strives for high-quality service and offers national hospitality on board, en route to many destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

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Czech Airlines

As one of the five oldest airlines in the world, Czech Airlines keeps up well with modern standards and is not only a safe, but also environmentally conscious organization, transporting people to 89 destinations in 45 countries.

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LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines has been in the air since 1929 and flies 43 aircraft, including six Boeing Dreamliners to 54 destinations in 31 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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SriLankan Airlines

Asian SriLankan Airlines is a member of the Oneworld Alliance and has made a name for itself with its service, comfort, safety, reliability and punctuality, flying to 94 destinations in 44 countries.

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United Airlines

One of the largest airlines in America and a founding member of the Star Alliance is United Airlines, which aims to fly about 144 million passengers to 370 destinations in 59 countries, and pays great attention to customer service.

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Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways, the fourth-largest African airline whose largest shareholder is KLM, strives to be the pride of Africa with its African touch.

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Since 2014, Egypt has had a low-cost airline, FlyEgypt, which is privately owned, and which comes up mainly with domestic connections and flies to tourist destinations that are difficult to reach by other means.

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Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines, from formerly known as SATA Internacional, is a Portuguese airline based in the Azores that offers flights to cities such as Amsterdam and Frankfurt, among others.

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines flies to 62 destinations worldwide, offering a choice of five classes on board, plenty of legroom, excellent service, good food, and lots of luxury.

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Air Serbia

The national largest airline of Serbia, Air Serbia, flies to 44 destinations in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North America.

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Ukraine International

Ukraine International Airlines flies to one of more than 80 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia or the U.S.

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Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian was founded in 1963 and provides connections from Amman to four continents, has 26 aircraft, five of which are Dreamliners.

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Flydubai is the fastest growing airline in the Middle East and this low-budget organization, primarily focused on new destinations, has connections with nearly 100 airports.

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Air Mauritius

Listed Air Mauritius regularly wins awards and maintains routes to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

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Oman Air

Oman Air, a four-star airline, invests heavily in new aircraft, expands the number of routes, offers super service, has the longest lie-flat seats in business class in the world, and continues to win awards.

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Mexico's largest airline, Aeroméxico, was one of the founders of the Sky Team Alliance, describes itself as innovative, and has a large number of Dreamliners, among others.

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China Airlines

Listed China Airlines (not to be confused with Air China) is the national airline of the Republic of China (Taiwan), offering good legroom, excellent service, delicious Chinese snacks and meals, in addition to long-haul flights at competitive prices.

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Cathay Pacific

The vision to be the best airline in the world is often fulfilled by Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong, offering good service and a wide range of flights to worldwide destinations.

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The German airline SundAir is a new name on the European vacation market since summer 2016 with charter operations from Frankfurt, Berlin-Tegel and Kassel airports.

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Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is the joint airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which is very punctual and maintains a high standard of service, cheap drinks and good quality snacks.

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Corendon Airlines Europe

Malta-based Corendon Airlines Europe is part of Corendon, as are Corendon Airlines (Turkey) and Corendon Dutch Airlines (Netherlands), and offers flights from several German airports.

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Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is the national five-star airline of Indonesia, famous for its service and making more than 600 daily flights worldwide, including direct flights to Jakarta.

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The national airline of Finland, Finnair, is one of the safest in the world, and best in Europe, operating flights within Europe, to Asia and North America.

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Thai Airways

Thai Airways International is a founding member of Star Alliance and excels in changing cabin crew uniforms, a hygiene program, and excellent meals, among other things.

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Bangkok Airways

The Thai airline Bangkok Airways wants to be the leader in Asia, without sacrificing any safety, and also makes a statement against wildlife trafficking.

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Precision Air

People traveling within Tanzania, and from there to Nairobi, can do so with Precision Air, Tanzania's first airline to meet IATA safety standards.

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Gulf Air

The very punctual national airline of Bahrain, Gulf Air, offers Arabic hospitality on its flights to 42 cities in 25 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the United States.

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AlMasria Universal

Egyptian carrier AlMasria Universal Airlines offers only a limited number of destinations, namely six cities in Saudi Arabia and Milan in Italy.

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Nesma Airlines

Nesma Airlines, the national carrier of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, offers flights between the two countries (economy and business class) as well as a number of domestic flights within Saudi Arabia (economy class only).

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BH Air

BH Air is privately owned, has its main headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the company, which claims to be led by innovation and forward-thinking, offers charter flights within Europe to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavia, and to England and the rest of the UK.

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Holiday Europe

Bulgarian newcomer Holiday Europe is a charter airline based in Sofia that offers flights from various European cities to vacation destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Egypt, Turkey and the Middle East.

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Luxair is the national airline of Luxembourg, offering flights within Europe, to the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East with on board a home cooked meal with regional products and luggage included in the fare.

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Olympic Air

Greek Olympic Air is a member of Star Alliance, which is part of Aegean. It attaches great importance to a comprehensive network, so that the most remote Greek islands are easily accessible, and the country is also connected to the rest of the world, with 120 international destinations.

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Edelweiss Air

The main airline in Switzerland is Edelweiss Air with easily recognizable aircraft flying to 72 destinations in 32 countries worldwide.

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Air China

Air China is the national airline of China, a member of the Star Alliance, is ahead of the game in many ways, and is a major player with 102 million passengers traveling to 185 destinations in much of the world in 2017.

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German airline Marabu is a partner of Condor. Since 2023 Marabu has been flying from Hamburg and Munich airports to holiday destinations around the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Canary Islands and Portugal.

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Fly Lili

Fly Lili is a Romanian charter airline that currently offers charter flights to destinations in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

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Air Mediterranean

Air Mediterranean is a Greek airline based at Athens International Airport. In addition to flights within Greece, destinations such as Spain, Dubai, Bulgaria and Croatia are also offered.

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Star East Airline

Star East Airline is a small airline from Romania that mainly flies from German airports to Egypt.

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Nile Air

Nile Air, based at Cairo International Airport, is the largest private airline in Egypt. Destinations include Egypt, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Southern Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Smartwings is the biggest airline in the Czech Republic, operating chartered flights to various leisure destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

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